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a constellation is forming here

An exhibition with Linda Bolsakova

Generator Projects, 2017






‘...we are dabbling in this cosmic thing, but there is nothing mystical about this exhibition’


"With careful consideration of materials for their conductive and tonal qualities and taking influence from the natural world, Sim and Bolsakova explore the poetic and material resonance between each other's practice and the intangible moments of fragmented connection. Through writing short poetic sentences akin to ‘Haiku’, the artists create an abstracted subtext to their process of exhibition making and as a tool for navigation. Poetry acts as a conductive medium between the two artists, as a way of understanding the relationship between their practice; never explained, but always understood. By way of poetic and emotional connection and finding solace in liminality, Sim and Bolsakova create a meditative space for contemplation.

Through sculpture and photography, Sim explores the notion of the moment, in which intangibility, the abstract, fragmentation, subtlety and tactility, are all tuned to same tonal value. Transcending materiality through a casting process, she attempts to definitively capture subtle reverberations in ‘Dreaming for offcuts’; and coupled with her photographic work, employs both personal and poetic narrative, sometimes as irrational as the feelings she is trying to name." 

Generator Projects

Haiku Thread (publication)

Press (The Skinny print)

Press (The Skinny online)

a map to a constellation


Generator Projects


'tuath' sound collaboration with Jamie Macdonald

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